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Caiman River God - Beneath the Waves

This is my entry for the Beneath the Waves Challenge, in the Game Character Art category. The Caiman River God is based on the concept of Jessica Downs for the Character Design category. I had a lot of fun making this character from beginning to end an I feel that it really help me to push my skills.
I hope you like it!

You can see the original concepts here:

And my submission entry here:

Matias garate 00shot beatuy caiman

3D View: Caiman River God

Matias garate 01angleshot

Front, side and top views.

Matias garate 03matcapwireframe

Matcap and Wireframes.

Matias garate 04caiman maps

Texture maps for the main body.

Matias garate 05extras maps

Texture maps for the body loose parts.

Matias garate gif process

The Process.