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The Fox and the Crow

A low-poly representation of "The Fox and the Crow" fable, made in Blender. Hope you like it!
Update: Retouched after Blender Guru critique session.

In the story, a hungry fox wanders around when it finds a crow over a tree, holding a piece of cheese on it's beak. The fox decides to deceive the crow and says:
"Would you let hear one of your magnificent songs, which are the best among all the birds that fly over the sky?", says the fox.
The crow, surprised because he's never been asked to sing before, falls for the trick and starts his song.
As soon as it opens its beak the cheese falls down. The fox quickly rushes to catch the tasty treasure and then escapes.
The crow is left alone and hungry, regretting to have trusted the sweet words of the fox.

Matias garate foxandcrow bgc
Matias garate setupcomposition gif

Setup & Composition.

Matias garate modelshowcase


Matias garate foxzoom

Zoom In: Fox.

Matias garate crowzoom

Zoom In: Crow.