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Galactic Centre Simulations

Volumetric 3D visualization in Blender of an astrophysical simulations of the Galactic Centre.
Around the supermassive black hole at the centre of our galaxy there are massive stars emitting stellar winds. Using numerical simulations, the authors model how these winds behave, form clumps, and contribute to the accretion of the SgrA* black hole (Cuadra et al., 2008).

Galactic Centre simulations made by Jorge Cuadra with Gadget-2.
Visualizations made in Blender using Voxel Data textures, with the Blender Voxel format (Gárate, 2017).

Read the associated article e-print here:

Learn how to use Blender for datacube visualization here:

Simulation of the galactic centre stars , and their stellar winds around the supermassive black hole SgrA*.

Stellar winds of a single Wolf-Rayet star as it moves through the interstellar medium.

Matias garate matias garate movie80
Matias garate stellarwinds image