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Glitter Snail

I made this guy in Blender, for the model I started from two archimedean spirals and a solidify modifier. All the materials are procedural and rendered it with Cycles. The glitter uses a Cell-Voronoi texture, to create patches of metallic material, the foamy uses Intensity-Voronoi texure with two different scales to create the little bumps in a dielectric material.
I hope you like my little snails!

"A little snail made of foamy and glitter, living his snaily life in a foamy little world."

Matias garate glittlersnail
Matias garate glittlersnail diorama

The tiny home of the glitter snail.

Matias garate glittersnail colorshowcase

Color combinations.

Matias garate zoomin materials

Zoom of procedural materials.

Matias garate viewport

Viewport render.

Matias garate referencegreen

Reference photo.