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Blender and Astronomy - Visualization Tutorial

In these tutorials we go step by step to learn how to set up a 3D material using Blender and Astrophysical simulations datacubes.
We provide examples of real hydrodynamical simulations, and we go through the python scripts used to generate the blender voxel files from the raw scietific data, and from 3D customizable mathematical functions.
Check the visualizations of "Protoplanetary Disks" and "Stellar Winds", using Sebastián Perez and Jorge Cuadra simulations.

These tutorials are focused for both scientists who wants to get a new perspective of their data, and for blender artists interested in making a new kind of art using astronomy, mathematics and coding.
All the material used in these tutorials is free for the public to practice and will be available on GitHub, and the procedure is also described in the paper: Voxel datacubes for 3D visualization in Blender, (Gárate, 2017).

Blender & Astronomy Tutorial Series. Find out how to make awesome scientific visualizations.

Matias garate protoplanetarydisk image

Visualization of a grid simulation of a protoplanetary disk.

Matias garate stellarwinds image

Visualization of a particle simulation of WR-star stellar winds.