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The Mecha Snake

I made the Mecha-Snake as an AI infiltration device, made by the army to sneak into the enemy headquarters and disable potential threats.
The body was made with a an Array modifier fitted to a Bezier curve. The curve was rigged along with the head and tail to pose the model.

Starting Main Sequence=> Initialize: Head sensors. Body segments. Fangs. Tail radar. Tail claw. Checking systems. Done.
-Receiving Human Input => Set Target: Terrorist army commander.
-Standby (Wait for target). Target Located.
-Switch Mode (Stealth). Disable laboratory alarms. Escape from laboratory. Follow target.
-Head Sensors Input: Multiple human threats detected.
-Optimization Algorithm => Eliminate all human threats.
-Web Input => Potential human threats: Location. Saving file.
-Threat count => 7 274 368 130.
-Switch Mode (Weapon). Starting elimination process.
-Standby (Scan). Threat count => 0. Target => Eliminated.
-Status (Mission) => Completed.
-Standby (Wait Human Input).

Matias garate mechasnake

Standby. Wait for target.
Target Located.

3D View: Mecha Snake.

Matias garate viewport

Viewport Render.

Matias garate partsbreakdown

Body Parts.

Matias garate mechasnake gif breakdown

Setup & Composition.